Local Flight, Clinton, NJ to Readington, NJ - 11/03/02

These first three shots were taken by Wayne MacFarland, but I wasn't paying attention at the time =)

Me, apparently looking at the wrong camera (and notice the WOW Sticker >:)

Thanks for the pictures, Wayne!

All the rest of these pictures were taken by myself. Here's Robb Stasyshyn's balloon before I took off.

Robb undergoing hot inflation while I take to the air

Jack Ponticelli begins inflation as Robb readies to lift off

Aloft ten minutes after sunrise

At this point I could tell this flight was going to be a GOOD one!

Same idea here too

Tom Robins is ahead & above, and the Coach 'N Paddock guys are way out in front


Rt. 78 just east of Exit 12

Looking back towards the launch field (to the West), just beyond the Exxon

Let me know when you get tired of looking at blue balloons

Spruce Run Reservoir in the background... Still low from the drought called 'summer'

Well, I'm getting tired of looking at blue balloons

Another blue balloon shot. Hey, at least my crown line is in the picture!

Looking down on Tom Robins

Well, I couldn't resist. It's a decent picture.

Oscar, the recycled balloon. I always sort it out before I take off.

16,000,000 BTU's of trash-incinerating, plastic-melting fury!

The leaves were very late to peak this year

Too many good pictures - I'll just forget I said anything about blue balloons, OK?

Tom Baldwin from the Coach 'N Paddock

Playing down low by a small stream

A Sky Manor renegade in the distance!

This time of year is AWESOME for foliage flights

How low can you go?

Tangoin' with the trees

At the Helm!


All homebuilt, except for the burner & tanks

Lightweight silicone fabric up top, Diamond Weave down low

Who's flying this piece of garbage anyway?

Store-bought & Homebuilt

Homebuilt & Store-bought

The propane attendant waits for nobody. We must fly on!

Jack caught up while we were on the ground plotting our next devious maneuver

I had to let the trees in on our plan - after all, they keep me in the know!

The rest of the pack stayed behind, keeping west of Rt. 31.

Jack's Firefly 8B, with Keith Erwin & Tom Baldwin in the background. They're probably curious as to our next move.

Round Valley Reservoir, a man-made spot of water with a touch of class. It's very deep, very frigid, and there are supposedly a lot of missing boats & bodies down there. Wanna go for a swim? ;)

Farm country

On the horizon

I think I was saying something about trees before... Well, here they are

Lots of trees

NICE colors


More Shadows

Stay tuned for our next installment of high-flying shenanigans!

Hot Air Ballooning