PM Local Flight - Readington, NJ to Whitehouse Station, NJ - 8/8/03

Attacked by a blimp!

As we drove onto the launch field at Solberg airport, we were strafed by the Saturn ION Blimp, which was practicing approaches, landings, weigh-offs, and the like while waiting for their ground crew to erect the mooring mast. So, with the low drone of the Lightship overhead, we set up Keith's 105 for a pleasure flight and were in the air in a quick 15 minutes.

After liftoff, we climbed to airship altitude and were engaged in blimp ballet as the ION captains circled us for a great photo opportunity. After breaking off from formation, they went on to land and we continued to fly on before finally landing in a nicely groomed backyard on Ridge Road. All the neighbors showed up, so we tethered everyone before packing away and heading to dinner.

While we were off flying, the Horizon and Metlife Lightships both returned to the airport, to bring the blimp count up to three for the day. Not bad!

In all, a great break from the wet, messy weather we've been experiencing lately!

Hi-res versions of these photos are available to the blimp crew

Hidden Metlife Blimp - look closely!

Hidden Metlife Blimp - look closely!