2002 Tedeschi & Lil' Peach Balloon Festival, South Weymouth (NAS), MA - 8/9 - 8-11/02

Inflating for the first launch attempt on Friday evening

First attempt scrubbed due to wind shift; repositioned at the other end of the runway

Lifting off on a short hop to the target... It's not sunset yet, right?

Coming in for a toss at the X

Saturday morning Mass Ascension

I'm in there... somewhere!

More pilots navigate towards the target

Hey - Quit blocking the view!

Keith's 31k Chariot inflating

Garry Haruska floats on tether while I inflate for a run at the target

Relatively light winds in the mornings... Not as great in the afternoons, but nothing to complain about

Being towed back to the flight line via golf cart for another run at the target

Later, we go back to throw Keith's marker since he forgot to drop - I guess he was too busy LOOKING AT BOSTON HARBOR IN THE DISTANCE

Yours truly inflating on Sunday Morning

Off to the target!
It's only 500 feet away... =)

Photo credits: Ray Fournier, Bob Mueller & Geri Lovelace
Hot Air Ballooning