AM & PM Local Flights - Readington, NJ - 12/30/02

Two separate flights from Solberg airport in one day... We usually don't see that apart from the NJ Festival of Ballooning weekend!

In the morning, Keith took us out for a spin in SkyBluePink (his Aerostar RXS-8 105k), and we managed to make a nice 2.5 hour round trip and landed back at the airport! In the afternoon, the frozen tundra had thawed a bit, so it took a while to find a suitable launch site (and get our vans out of the mud bog!). We finally decided on the gravel parking lot area where we landed in the morning, and we had a nice but short flight towards Round Valley Reservoir to the west. Bob Mueller and Ken Loesser joined in with Roaring Glory and provided some photojournalism, respectively.

Photos with "Img_XXXX.jpg" filenames were taken by Ken and/or Bob.

The morning flight began just south of the Solberg VOR icon, started out east, headed southwest, meandered around for a while, boxed back and finished with a final hook at the red & green icon. The evening flight was launched from the same location as the mornings' landing site, and finished in the upper left hand corner of the map.