First Flight of "Pointless" - Clinton, NJ - 9/24/03

This afternoon saw the maiden voyage of the brand-new, beautiful floating bag of thermal energy and all things pointy, hereby known as "Pointless!"

A picture-postcard afternoon with sublime weather signaled it was time to sprout the new creation's wings in flight. We rounded up crew, passengers and witnesses and journeyed to the Hunterdon Hills Playhouse to fly. Jack Ponticelli and Jim Buzby both launched their balloons from the Playhouse, while Keith Sproul and I set up and readied our balloons for flight. After Keith and I lifted off, it was a leisurely flight to the North into Glen Gardner, where we landed in the same front yard after about 45 minutes in the air.

A huge mass of neighborhood children and their parents flocked to our landing site, and we managed to tether them all and then went back around for seconds! Big smiles were seen on everyone's faces, and I'm sure they will remember this afternoon for years to come - I certainly will.

A perfect first flight for Pointless!

Many thanks to Bob Mueller for chasing and photographer duty tonight.

Inflating next to Keith in LimeLight

Ready to go hot

Just about ready to go

In the air, finally!!!

A balloon is a very pointless method of transport, indeed.

Looking up!

Piling kids in and out!

Everyone got a chance to fly tonight.

Deflation 1

Deflation 2

Deflation 3