Unsorted 2003 Photos

These two shots by Susan Albright...

From a local Clinton, NJ 11/6/03 PM flight

AutoCAD model of "Pointless"

These three shots by Barbara Magnano at Shawnee, PA 2003

Photo by Anthony Cooperwood at NW CT Balloon Fest 2003

The Bear Ship, piloted by Andre Boucher at the 2003 NJ Festival of Ballooning

Friday morning media flight... There I am in the background with Oscar next to the Flag

On the left is Chris Healy from Above The Clouds, and myself in my old 105 on the right

Friday afternoon launch

Landed and tethering kids in a development Saturday morning at the 2003 NJFOB

Debbie Harding and I share a mile-high nudge in July of 2003 over Chester Springs, PA