Adventure Balloon Flights

New York City

Although we often view the NYC skyline from a distance of 35-40 miles on our hot air balloon rides in Hunterdon County, New Jersey, balloons don't normally fly anywhere near the City. Nevertheless, we offer a truly exciting flight opportunity for those who wish to embark on something incomparably unforgettable - A flight over New York City in our hot air balloon!

It takes considerable planning, good timing, perfect weather and just the right circumstances to stage a successful balloon flight over New York City, but it's entirely possible - our pilots have done it! We are proud to be the only company in the world to offer this amazing flight adventure.

Hot Air Balloons near New York City are an extremely unusual and rare sight. We are the only company offering specialized hot air balloon flights over NYC.

At the culmination of careful logistical and flight preparations begun days in advance, we will meet two hours before dawn at a location in New Jersey determined early that morning. Commuter pickup can even be arranged at the nearest New Jersey Transit train station. After meeting in the pre-dawn hours, we'll then drive in our balloon chase van to the chosen launch point nearby to assemble the hot air balloon and get ready for flight.

Just before sunrise, we will take to the sky and begin our incredible journey. Overflying the NYC Metropolitan area as the sun gradually awakens, we'll take in all the spectacular sights of the Greatest City on Earth. We will continue flying on to an eventual landing in Long Island, Upstate New York, or Connecticut depending on the prevailing winds and weather conditions of the day.

The flight will take us well upwards of 7,000 feet over the New York City metro area as we transit above some of the most controlled airspace in the world! We'll be in contact with Air Traffic Control as necessary to ensure a smooth passage on our spectacular voyage.

Time in the air may range anywhere from two to four or more hours, with a total expedition of anywhere from six to ten hours. Plan to spend the entire day with us on this one-of-a-kind hot air balloon adventure. We'll anticipate returning you to the original meeting place (or a convenient location of your choosing elsewhere) anytime from early afternoon to late evening, but come equipped with no expectations of a truly "set schedule." Remember - this is an adventure, not scheduled transportation.

Pricing for a New York City Hot Air Balloon Ride begins at $14,000 for two passengers. Groups of up to eight can be luxuriously accommodated in our largest balloon at additional cost. All passengers must be in very good physical fitness and must sign an acknowledgement of risk agreement - a windy, bumpy landing at the end of this long flight is to be expected - not the exception. If you think you're ready to join us for an experience you'll relive for the rest of your life, give us a call at 1-844-9-HOT-AIR or email us for more information.

Perhaps not for everyone, this flight is for those dreamers and adventurers who yearn to undertake a truly amazing and breathtaking journey most could not even imagine. We'll take you to great heights on this one.

Number of Passengers
Total Price
Private Flight for up to 8 $32,000
Private Flight for up to 6 $26,000
Private Flight for up to 4 $18,000
Private Flight for 2 $14,000

Beautiful views abound near the Delaware Water Gap

Delaware Water Gap

The Delaware Water Gap is a deep, narrow natural gorge cut into the Kittatinny Mountains at the border of Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Route 80 passes through the Gap and over the Delaware River at this point, and the Appalachian trail winds through on the top of the mountains nearby.

The Gap itself is three miles long, shaped roughly like a "W," with steep, rocky walls which rise as high as 1,400 feet on both sides of the river. The beautiful scenery around the Delaware Water Gap makes it a popular summer resort area. With the right weather and wind conditions, it is extremely possible to guide a hot air balloon into and through the Gap for an unforgettable flight!

Due to a Venturi effect explained by Bernoulli's Principle, air picks up speed as it is channeled through a narrow area. The walls of the Gap do exactly that to the prevailing winds, which results in an exciting passage through the Gap between the towering walls of the gorge.

Map of the Water Gap area. Click to enlarge.

We'll lift off in Pennsylvania from a launch site which will permit us entry into the Gap. As we enter at low level over the Route 80 bridge and toll booths, our balloon will gradually pick up speed, carrying us toward the rock faces in front of us. We'll make several sharp turns to follow the river precisely, never getting much closer to the walls than we were when we started. It's the closest to a roller-coaster ride that you can get in a balloon!

At the far end of the Water Gap flight, the airflow spreads out and slows down to deposit us back into a serene, normal balloon flight over the beautiful farmlands and open country of Northern New Jersey in Warren and Sussex Counties. We'll be in the air for an average flight time of one to two hours.

Price for a hot air balloon ride through the scenic Delaware Water Gap is $1,200 for two passengers, $1,400 for three, $1,600 for four, $1,700 for five, or $1,800 for six passengers. For six to twelve passengers, the cost is $300 per person. All our standard amenities are included in the flight fare.

An overnight stay at the elegant Shawnee Inn & Resort is highly recommended. Water Gap Flights scheduled from August through the end of October may be subject to reduced availability of accommodations at the Shawnee Inn - it gets pretty busy during much of the summer/fall seasons, and our flight preparations can sometimes entail last-minute changes or reschedulings.

If you think you're ready to join us for this amazing adventure, give us a call at 1-844-9-HOT-AIR or email us for more information.

Number of Passengers
Total Price
Private Flight for 6 $1,800
Private Flight for 5 $1,700
Private Flight for 4 $1,600
Private Flight for 3 $1,400
Private Flight for 2 $1,200